The Passion of Joan Jett of Arc

Runaway ramblings devoted to cinema


There are a handful of true loves-at-first-sight in life (your soulmate, perhaps, or a family pet or cheesecake), and the movies were one of them for me. It was the 1981 rerelease of Star Wars, fresh with its unwieldy subtitle; I was 8 and pacified in the back seat of the car by an oversize comic book, which I was warned not to read on the way to the theater because it was based on the movie we were about to see and would ruin the experience. My family was cruel that way. But short of the film not playing, nothing could have ruined that experience; it was magic from the moment the lights dimmed, and it ignited a lifetime passion for cinema.Capture6

The seeds for this blog were sown back in the video store era during conversations with a friend and fellow film geek about culturally significant movies that fell through the cracks over the years and had a renewed opportunity to find an audience thanks to home video and the then-emerging digital market. In the time passed, Roger Ebert launched, and prematurely ended, his excellent Great Movies series, and other outlets make an effort (though a dwindling number of media organizations devote resources to arts commentary).

The roots for this blog took hold in 2009, when I was laid off from my job as a newspaper (remember those?) editor at the apex of the Great Recession, which was great in the opposite way as Ebert’s Great Movies. I suddenly had lots of time and little money, and I needed a distraction from stress. My friend recommended I resuscitate our idea, and thus this blog sprouted.

During a brief stint as a paid film critic, I learned that it is more fun to write about a bad movie, but less fun to sit through one. My goal here is to share an affection for cinema and encourage a discussion of films that deserve to remain in the greater consciousness.

Steve Lysaker is a Denver-based writer and editor whose work has received awards from Columbia University, the Illinois Press Association, the Colorado Press Association and the Montana Newspaper Association. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Eastern Illinois University, and studied film and video production at Montana State University. He lives with his partner and three dogs; the canines’ adventures can be seen here. The masthead for this blog was designed by the lovely and talented Karen Wiss-Clark; the crappy blog entry headers can be blamed on the author. All film images are copyright their respective owners and are used for review purposes only.


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